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Locksmith Certificate – The Path to Professional Recognition and Success

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or simply want to learn a new skill, becoming a certified locksmith is a great option. Though the process may seem daunting, with a little hard work and dedication it is well within your reach. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of what it takes […]

Find a Locksmith


Learn how to find a locksmith with our secure and proven methods. Are you in need of a locksmith? Have you ever been locked out of your home or perhaps your car? Then you know what it is like to feel vulnerable and unsure. What do you do when you need to find a locksmith […]

Car Keys


Do you need duplicate keys for cars? With modern cars comes the transponder key. What does this mean for you? Well, that your car is a little bit safer. Many locksmiths can now duplicate transponder keys and provide a secure locking system for vehicles. What was once something that only car dealerships did is now […]

Locksmith Reviews


Reviews I enjoy fixing things up. I have this old garage with a bunch of tools and an old car. It is my most prized possession. A bunch of hoodlems were trying to shimmy their way into my garage to mess around. Luckily they were pansies and I was able to chase them off with […]

Uncopyable Keys


How do I get a key that cannot be copied at the hardware store? In most cases, if you need an extra key you can simply go to the hardware store and have an employee there cut you a copy. However, thanks to the advancement of security technologies, there are now different types of keys […]

Peephole Installation


Peephole Installation Could Save Your Life The crime rate is increasing day by day. The best approach is to tighten the security at your home in order to cope with it. How can you do it? Look forward to take the basic steps first of all. If you don’t have a peephole on the front […]

24 Hour Locksmith Charlotte NC


Need broken key extraction services at your place? Call us anytime Removing broken keys from locks can indeed be a tricky proposition and therefore you need to be pretty experienced if you want to be successful at it. Trinity and Sons 24 Hour Locksmith Charlotte NC has been a leading provider of these services for […]

skilled locksmiths


Have our safes and vaults opened by safe experts We all have important documents that we guard jealously. You might have a safe or vault purposely for storing your important things such as documents. Now, imagine just when you needed the documents, you discover that you are not able to open your safe. What comes […]

Auto Locksmith


 We repair vehicle locks Vehicle locks are essential when it comes to parking our vehicles especially in public parking lots. If your locks are not functional as they should, it is possible that one can either steal the vehicle and if not, the items you leave inside the car after parking. At Trinity and Sons […]

Best Locksmith in Charlottle NC


What are lockout services? At Best Locksmith in Charlottle NC, we provide lockout services using radio-dispatched teams in the area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are locked out because a key is lost, a key is broken or a lock has malfunctioned, our locksmiths can get you inside fast. If […]

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