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What doors take peephole installation?

If security is important to you then having a peephole installation done can improve it. Peepholes let you see out without unlocking the door. They can be installed in almost any kind of door. When you call Reliable Locksmiths in Charlotte NC one of our experienced locksmiths will come out to examine the door and make suggestions. There are many different styles of peepholes that allow for a wide choice of vision capabilities. When they are doing the peephole installation you may also want to ask what other changes can be made to improve visibility, such as changing the lighting or installing a mirror too.

What does re-keying a lock mean?

When you have one of our Reliable Locksmiths in Charlotte NC locksmiths out to re-key a lock that job won’t take long. Re-keying is the process of changing the interior tumblers in the lock and then providing a key that can open it. The tumblers are contained in the lock cylinder. Many people choose re-keying when they want to keep the lock itself. If you have a vintage lock, or a lock that was specifically selected for its design, this is the best way to change the lock without having to replace it all together. It’s also more affordable than you think.

Getting safes and vaults opened

The idea behind having a safe or vault is to keep your important documents and valuable safe from theft, fire and incident. If you no longer have the combination, or the locking mechanism has become frozen – call Reliable Locksmiths in Charlotte NC to have your safes and vaults opened. This can be a complicated process but we can get them open for you without any damage to the contents inside. Some types may allow for removal so we can work on them in our shop, but others will have to be opened on site. The type of installation surrounding the vault or safe will determine which course of action is available.

Which security systems are best?

Picking the right security systems for your home, office or storage site isn’t as easy as it looks. You do have to make sure it is affordable for your budget, but you also have to make sure that it delivers the type of security that you need. Not only that, but you have to know where the security systems need to be placed to be effective. The easiest way to decide which one is right is to call Reliable Locksmiths in Charlotte NC at our number. Our expert locksmiths can help you plan your system so you have the right security where you need it.

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