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Have our safes and vaults opened by safe experts

We all have important documents that we guard jealously. You might have a safe or vault purposely for storing your important things such as documents. Now, imagine just when you needed the documents, you discover that you are not able to open your safe. What comes into your mind? How to crash the safe open. No! At Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte, we have safe experts who can help have your safes and vaults opened without destroying the safe or its contents. To access this service, simply call us and we shall be at your service in the shortest time possible.

Get your keys copied only by skilled locksmiths

Do you want some of your keys copied? Use the services of experts in the field. Copying a key can be done by a lot of people but if you want keys that are perfect copies of the original, then go to an expert. Using keys copied by unskilled people will damage the lock soon if the new key has even a slightly different alignment. Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte will get your keys copied using professional expertise. The copies we make will be identical to the original. You can’ tell the difference between the original and copy. Call us to get identical copies of your keys.

Mobile home locks – Don’t take risk son safety

Mobile homes need to be secured stronger than conventional homes. Locks for mobile homes are made with a different mechanism which is both intricate and delicate. It needs expertise to install locks for your mobile homes. Getting these locks installed by amateurs will affect their long term functioning. Trinity and Sons Locksmith Charlotte are experts in installation and service of all kinds of locks. Ensure that your mobile homes are secured well by getting the locks installed and serviced by our expert locksmiths. Don’t risk the security of your mobile homes by faulty installation. Call us for a perfect installation and efficient service.

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